7 Minute Travels with Irvin Fong

“Inspiring hopefuls and reinvigorating the jaded”

BEHIND THE BLOGAZINE:7 Minute Travels with Irvin Fong

“ If I lived here, would I come here often? Would I take friends here? ”

Those are the two questions I ask myself when deciding on where to visit when traveling. As a result, I often miss out on “tourist traps”. Thus, planning a trip means copious research.

Lists are often no good when planning itineraries personally. Indeed, blog posts primarily fuel my desire to wander as I hear a voice and understand exactly why a place was so enchanting, and possibly not for me. So whereas I forget most of my travels involving daily checking out and tour buses to wonderful places, the gems found through blogs always bring back warm, vivid memories.

Therefore, I am adding my voice to the mix, to do my part in exciting and igniting a sense of wanderlust, along with sharing the lessons I have learned along the way. But not through lists, nor through photo galleries— there are many great individuals out there with better writing, experience, and equipment. Instead I will blend reflective writing with photos and visuals into hopefully fresh, fun, and immersive experiences.

I hope my voice will resonate with some of my readers and make this project even more worthwhile.

Happy traveling~

“Author's Favorite Haunts”

Botanical Garden of Nantes, France
Versailles, France
Parc Guel, Spain
Windandsea, California
Maobitou "Cat Nose" Park, Taiwan
Chumash Trail, La Jolla State Park, California
Brossac, France
World of Color, Disney California Adventure
Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Disneyland California
Seine, Paris